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No matter which party gets in none of them are going to do me any favours. The only people who gain in this Country from politics are the Rich and the unemployed single women with dozens of kids. Power should not be given to those who want it!!!

written 30th Apr 2005


Nadine Jones replies: Totally agree with this statement. I am Labour by principle and upbringing but think that too much is done to help the "non-working class" as i like to describe them. People should not be able to be better off by not working a day in their lives. I wish that dole money would be cut and used to supplement the pensions.

written 30th Apr 2005

Unpredictable replies: Note, however, that from all accounts it is no fun being an unemployed single woman with dozens of kids, or for that matter one of her kids. It's an insecure and stressful life. Let's not go into cause and effect here, but these people are likely to be apathetic, and as such more easily pushed around by the could ALMOST think this is the intention...


written 1st May 2005

BoomTown replies: As much as I agree with the fact that it is a difficult life being out of work, single and have children, many choose this life as it seems to pay well!! I am a 30 year old single male with no children and I have 2 jobs one of which is with the NHS) yet I can't even afford a house of my own and find it difficult to save any money. A female friend of mine has 2 children, is out of work and is single, she has most of her house paid for her by the government and gets all sorts of other benefits. Who's the mug??


written 2nd May 2005

tiger43 replies: I havn`t heard one of the parties mentioning anything about single men with a house etc, it does seem all aimed at pensioners, (good thing), genuine single mums, (good thing). But I wonder if any of them will get round to us single men with a house? We do tend to be forgoton..

I think the Government should supply single men with women to help out a bit. This is after all one of the most important issues facing the world today.

written 2nd May 2005

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