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I am yet another British pensioner who, despite paying my full National Insurance contributions for all my working life, has been refused any British Pension indexing because I moved to Australia to be with my husband. Had he found a job in many other countries, including the USA, I would now be receiving my due pension. Here in Australia it is frozen at the amount I first received and not one of the political parties seems willing to change this anomaly. Any promise to do so in advance has been forgotten once a candidate is in power. Broken promises have removed my faith in any of the parties and have voted for none of them. Add to that the war in Iraq - - - .

I am old enough to remember Old Labour and its carefully thought out plans for the poorer members of society. These plans are now being completely undermined by the present Labour government and would not, it seems, be continued by any of the other parties.

written 30th Apr 2005

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