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All politicians spend too much time ...

All politicians spend too much time slagging the other parties off and I think this sets a bad example to the children of today. Like telling tales on each other. Too often politicians seem to wax and wane in their opinions to suit the party line, rather than having the guts to stand by their own convictions

written 29th Apr 2005


Steve C replies: I'm getting hugely frustrated by this idiotic reasoning that's coming from pollsters, pundits and even people like the Bishop of Oxford.

Making it clear that Blair lied over many issues including the decisions to go to war is a very important point. It has to be made clear as he's STILL claiming that it was a decision he made in good faith.

I'm sorry if you feel that a lesson to teach kids is that you can lie your way out of a situation and shouldn't be criticized for it, but I'm more sorry for your kids who are unlikely to grow up with any ability to criticize or take criticizm

written 30th Apr 2005

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