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None of the parties see the world as I do and none of them plan to legislate to address my main concerns. All of the parties (including the smaller protest parties) pander to religious groups. They all support faith schools which are an appalling assalt on social cohesion and forcefeed children a diet of religion and 'faith'. Labour have gone so far as to allow a school to be effectivly bought by an evangelical christian who teaches creationism and refers to evolution as a competing faith system. The incitement to religious hatred law (which mercifully never made it through the parliamentary wash up) was scandelous. People's private and personal beliefs are being allowed to have far too much of an influence in our political system and nobody is taking any steps to curb these destructive forces.

written 29th Apr 2005


Anthony Crawley replies: I agree with your point entirely, but it reminds me how much of a problem the modern world has with religion and its negative influences. Religion is the basis for much of politics in the UK, albeit indirectly.

Almost everyone's "morals" are based on some form of religious faith. There are many laws in our country that have no rational basis other than morals formed thousands of years ago by people who didn't have the knowledge of the world we know now.

However it has become so deeply ingrained in society as a whole that it would require a huge shift in public perception to make anything approaching a fair system.
Even things like the NHS, that seem on face value a good idea, simply pander to religion in that they support the idea that we cannot be good people without sacrificing for the good of others, when in fact we would probably all be better off under a more individualist system.

Years down the line, humans will look back and be disgusted at how we treated each other back in the year 2005, and how religion stunted progress and justice, and fomented war.
It would take hundreds of years to remove the irrational mysticism of today and replace it with reason, logic and rationality. It isn't going to happen overnight.

written 29th Apr 2005

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