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There is no "None of the Above" box ...

There is no "None of the Above" box on the voting slip. I would vote if a majority voted for "None of the Above" forced another election in that constituency with the existing candidates not allowed to stand.

written 27th Apr 2005


anna replies: what a fantastic idea!

written 27th Apr 2005

Max replies: Just because there is no provision on the ballot paper to write "None of the Above" doesn't mean you shouldn't write it on yourself. After all, the more voters who do that the more likely the Electoral Commission will get the message and possibly incorporate such a provision. They certainly won't bother if they don't see a groundswell of opinion for it.

written 1st May 2005

Carole replies: My husband and I were talking about this a couple of days ago. Is it right that in Australia, where it is the law that you have to vote, there is that very box which states..."none of the above?" Can we in Britain legally write on the ballot form this very sentence? I want to, but am afraid of any repercussions, I am a 'scaredy-cat' I know, but I have a lot to lose and not much to pay it with! Anyone else out there that wants to write none of the above?

written 1st May 2005

Julie replies: Not sure about Australia but in switzerland voting is mandatory and there is a NOTA option. In Britain you can legally write whatever you want on the ballot, it's secret anyway, and it's just exercising your democratic freedom of speech. I spoilt my paper for the last elections by writing that our electoral system was biased and unrepresentative.

written 2nd May 2005

jr replies: Secret ballot: I think not.

written 2nd May 2005

mango42 replies: For the last three general elections I have found room on the ballot paper to write "None of the above as they only represent big business, not the populace"

This time I am not even going to do that as it would be an insult to the majority of people on this planet who still think that moral integrity will eventually overcome material greed.

written 2nd May 2005

Andy P replies: I like the idea of 'None of the Above' (sometimes known as RON - for 'Re-Open Nominations). The only problem I have is practical - how many ballots do you hold when RON keeps winning? It could potentially go on for ever...

written 3rd May 2005

SOL replies: NOTARON, 'none of the above reopen nominations' is a perfect solution to current voter apathy. If you make voting compulsory, which seems a good idea as people die for the right to vote around the world, this would be essential. Ultimately if you had STV as well (Single Transferable Vote) only if NOTARON won the overall transferred votes would you need to reopen nominations thus reducing the chance it goes on forever that Andy P raises. Hey presto - democratic election!

written 4th May 2005

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