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They're not voting because...

Parties are less interested...

Parties are less interested in people and more about staying in power. The whole system is flawed.

written 7th Apr 2005


Anonymous replies: Yes, they will say anything to get into power, and once there, the promises vanish.

written 7th Apr 2005

Max replies: There are three main types of power:
1. Economic power. Those who own the largest amount of wealth can use it to control those they exploit.
2. Political power. These are agents of the above and control people through the legal and administrative rules. They also hope a few crumbs may come their way from the wealthy capitalists they work for.
3. Power at a distance. Those who use weapons to control and kill people without having to actually come in contact with them.
Perhaps it gives these groups a sexual buzz. If so it's time we stopped handing over control of our world to them, and think about taking over the responsibility ourselves.

written 5th May 2005

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