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They're not voting because...

the f. past the p rigged system stinks...

the f. past the p rigged system stinks to high heaven 2) if the system prevents a professional liar like Blair being "impeached", what hope is there for democracy? 3) no MP would be financially better of outside The House. 4) No lawyer should ever be allowed to stand or crawl for becoming an MP. 5) Of the 650 odd parasitss in the House a mere handful make the decisions. 6) A "vote" in this country is an unsult to anyone's intelligence.

written 26th Apr 2005


Tin replies: Calm down! You need to:

1 Join the Electoral Reform Society

2 Accept that most politicians twist the truth... it's them vs. the Daily Mail or Guardian etc.

3 Check out Cherie Blair's earnings as a high-profile QC against Tony's earnings as PM. She's the bread winner. But he was a successful lawyer before moving into politics...

4 Allow for the fact that not all lawyers are scum. Besides, who would you want to defend you if you were wrongly accused of murder: a lawyer or a pig farmer?

5 Most governments, whether they're proportionally elected or FPTP, have some kind of Cabinet structure. Otherwise things would be unworkable and you'd have no individual accountablility.

6 A vote is a good thing and should be treasured, even if your choice is to not use it in a given election.

Also, you need a nice long nap and perhaps some exercise.

written 26th Apr 2005

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