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I will be spoling my ballot with the phrase 'None Of The Above'

The electoral system does no justice to democracy. I have never had the opportunity to vote for a candidate that i supported or who was likely to win.

Mnay people say that spoling the ballot is a worthless activity, but short of a revolution I don't know how we get the message across to politicians that they stink?

written 26th Apr 2005


. replies: i agree with you but unfortunately you're missing the point, the politicians do not care what you and i think, the big three know that due to the general stupidity of the electorate they will be returned to power time after time.if only the masses could wake up and think a little more deeply and for themselves rather than allow a controlled media to form opinions and open their eyes to the fact that the lib/lab/con's are persuing the same agenda. dont spoil your ballot paper, just vote for someone outside of the big three......anybody in fact. just think if everybody did this then the real rulers of our establishment (not the party leaders) would get the message!

written 27th Apr 2005

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