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Voting just perpetuates the illusion that you're free, when really we're all forced to spend 8hrs+ a day doing things that we wouldn't choose to if the option were open to us. Obviously I strongly agree with the last post - Democracy is not freedom, It's control by the use of the illusion of freedom. I'm not saying there's a better way, it just iritates me when the word freedom gets chucked around. The Iraq war was fought for my freedom? When do I get it? Does it come gift wrapped?

Anyway, only the fickle masses who are easily persuaded by The Sun have any real voting power, which ultimately means that Rupert Murdoch, an Australian with no vote, has the biggest say in how the country is run.

Then when I think about how insignificant British politics is compared to American, and the fact they can vote in a mindless buffoon like George W. Bush, a man surely put on this earth for the sole purpose of amusing others, I begin to despair.

I saw Jeremy Paxman interviewing people in Truro and asking them what they thought of Michael Howard. Quite a few didn't even know who he was. Bush is charge of America and people in this country don't know who the leader of the opposition is.

May 5th, I'm going surfing...

written 25th Apr 2005

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