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There is no difference between the two...

There is no difference between the two major parties and no-one else has a hope of getting in. This country is run by rich men and corporate demons without conscience or humanity. Instead of a two-party system we have a twin-party system, and whichever one gets in they will pursue the same policies in every important area: big business rules and the rest of us can take a running jump. I hate them both and do not wish to indicate support for either, so my vote is wasted anyway.

written 25th Apr 2005


Mark Golding replies: Your sentiments and frustration are so well known. Wherever I speak I hear the same feelings being expressed. You are numbered among many!
If you want to convert your frustration into political currency I am currently looking to network with people who want Direct Democracy.
My off the cuff agenda can be glimpsed at

My motto is ACT NOW and I encourage you to start your own ACTION GROUP as I have. Every time someone starts an action group it increases the country's awareness of a new movement. So, if you start, you make a constructive contribution.

If you want more info about how and what to do. Just email me and I'll encourage you.

written 25th Apr 2005

Miss Dipsy replies: Don't forget it's not just about who actually wins overall; if the Labour majority is reduced, the Tories lose a few seats or at least don't win any more, Lib Dems gain some seats & there is more representation of other parties in parliament, we will have a more balanced parliament. The power of the government & the main opposition will be reduced and they will have no choice but to take account of a wider range of views. It will also give them a bit of a kick into working harder to earn the public's support!

written 26th Apr 2005

Miss Dipsy replies: Oh yes, forgot to say, the other thing of course is that voting is done by constituency anyway, so its worth checking to see who the main parties in your local constituency are, it might not be a simple Lab/Con split - Lib Dems or even another party might stand a good chance of winning & thats got to be worth a shot! Every seat the main parties lose is a small victory for democracy. Sadly I'm in a very safe Labour seat so any other vote would be wasted really, although you never know I might just vote on principle.

written 26th Apr 2005

Helen replies: Miss Dipsy, you "might" vote on principle...

dearey me, if all the people who said they dont want to vote one of the mains ones vote for someone else, if the ALL do, then the main ones are screwed!!

Democracy is a joke... but thats is our fault too!

written 26th Apr 2005

Miss Dipsy replies: Helen... The main parties will only be "screwed" if all the people who don't want to vote for one of the main parties happen to also support a party that has any chance at all of winning in their constituency, unless by some amazing coincidence all the other people in the constituency who have suddenly decided to vote all vote for the same party. It would be great if they did but unlikely! That doesn't mean that people shouldn't do it, just that its unlikely to mean the main parties will be "screwed", but if we're lucky they might lose a few seats & if we're really lucky a few of the less dodgy smaller parties might get a seat or two in parliament.

The only reason I'm not sure if I'll vote (although I think I probably will) is because I live in an EXTREMELY safe labour seat, where there is almost no chance whatsoever of anyone else winning unless by some amazing fluke thousands of people suddenly change their minds! The current MP has been in since 1987, has a huge majority, and almost all the posters in people's windows are for labour. If I lived anywhere where another party had a hope of getting in, I would CERTAINLY vote! Ironically, if I lived in another seat I might even vote Labour, but only if someone like the tories had a good chance of winning and labour were the only real threat!

written 27th Apr 2005

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