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It's the third way

I'm not voting because I can't decide between voting for the Green Party -- who best represent my politics but who won't get elected -- and spoiling my ballot paper to protest at our FPTP voting system.

Of course, I'm not going not to vote because not voting is the worst option of all three, but you take my point? Shouldn't people who are planning to spoil their ballot papers maybe be thinking about forming the "None Of The Above Party", or the "Okay Then, Give Me One Good Reason Why We Can't Have Direct Representation Party" so that it's not just people who have visited who realise they have this choice?

written 24th Apr 2005


Paul replies: I share your views sir/madam. The green party would be nice, but yeah, a vote for The Green Party might feel like a a wastered vote. This only works if we continue to let the system make us believe that if we don't vote for Labour, Conservative, or Lib. Dems. we will be making no difference.
I feel pity for those 'stable ' voters (like my parents) who will always vote for the same party no matter what they do or say. They won't think for themselves.
Power corrupts tho, eh? I think a conserted statement that 'none of these party's deserve my vote.' would be a good move.

written 24th Apr 2005

Des replies: If you believe Green matches your views, then vote for them. You don't know how many others out there also feel the way you do and are also choosing not to vote because they fear it won't make a difference. Even if your Green candidate doesn't get elected (ok, it's highly unlikely!), governments still pay attention to voter swings.

A significant increase in the Green vote this election will send the message that more people care about Green issues (primarily the environment and social justice). The new government will ignore such public sentiment at its peril.

That's why I will vote Green even though I know the candidate in my constituency won't get elected.

written 25th Apr 2005

Gavin replies: Single issue parties draw votes away from mainstream parties that represent at least SOME of the views that people wish to express. Voting Green will only mean less votes for the greenest of the parties that could actually win.

In the long term, hopefully the mainstream parties will realise that they can gain votes by taking on some Green policies - but the Greens will always be the greenest party, so the people who really want us to live in trees (or whatever) will still throw their votes into the single-issue bin.

I'd have thought it would make more sense for the Green party NOT to stand as a political party, but instead to act as a pressure group only, perhaps making a big deal about any positive steps the mainstream parties make. That way, they would perhaps not be self-defeating.

written 25th Apr 2005

Hamish replies: Gavin,

And which would the greenest of the mainstream parties be? Liberal Democrats perhaps? Have a look at what happened in Holyrood.

It is precisely because people buy into this talking of the Green talk by the mainstream parties that I am considering spoiling my ballot instead. Whilst our electoral system is set up for a 2.5-horse race, all we're ever going to see is posturing.

By the way, you have a great deal to learn about the far-from-single-issue Green Party. Why not read their manifesto instead of advertising your ignorance with "or whatever"?

Best wishes,

written 25th Apr 2005

Tiger43 replies: Voting for the Green Party certainly would be the turd way.

written 25th Apr 2005

John replies: There is nothing stopping anybody forming a "None of the above" Party. (In fact I think it's been tried before in one shape or another.)
However, in order for anyone to consider voting for them the "NOTA" party would have to formulate it's own policies to demonstrate WHY none of the above were worth someones vote, otherwise it would be a waste of a vote on a publicity stunt. (Not to mention, you'd loose your deposit!)

written 26th Apr 2005

Hamish replies: A None Of The Above Party would not, and should not, have policies. Its prospective MPs would run on the ticket of promising to stand down and call a by-election if they won. You're not voting for policies, you're voting for no confidence in any of the political parties. I think 5% of the vote is needed to retain the deposit.

written 27th Apr 2005

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