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I'm in a constituency where the seat...

I'm in a constituency where the seat has been 'safe' for many elections (safe from the Tories anyway, which is all I care about).

If I lived in a country where the total number of votes counted for Government selection, then I'd be first in line at the ballot box. Otherwise they'll have to make voting law to get my vote.

Like so many others I believe that most Politicians are as bad as the next Politician.

I've met a few Politicians, I've worked for a Quango, I will not forget John Major's 'bastards' or the corrupt Tory regime and if I move to a marginal constituency then I'd vote just to keep the Tories out.

The spin that ALL parties dish out pre-election should be processed through a 'bullshit' detector prior to being released into the community. Then we wouldn't have to hear from ANY of the parties.

I'd campaign for a 'None of the Above' vote. The idea has merits. So what if we didn't have a Government for a few weeks. Very few decisions get made as it is. Good ideas get put through commity and sub-commity then come out a shade of their former selves, watered down to appeal to the average citizen.

I bet a few decisions would be made if Prince Charles was in charge! Make Prince Phillip the Foreign Secretary. Ha! Political Correctness is overated anyway.

Enjoy the election in the knowledge that they didn't do enough to get your vote.

written 23rd Apr 2005

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