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Sorry to my parents and Freaud but there...

Sorry to my parents and Freaud but there is a MASSIVE generational wealth gap in this country that has NOTHING to do with immigrants, crime or superstar footballers. Wealth is NOT filtering down through the generations, even if I earn many times more money than my elders I am still so much poorer because of insane property prices. Presumably I should be happy that I will be in a position to screw my children in the same way later in my life. Unfortunately no party is addressing this.

written 26th Apr 2005


Al replies: Older people will always own bigger houses, so it should be, they've been working for longer.

Problem is people are living so much longer now, taking our taxes for their pensions, holding on to the houses that we should be moving into... and half of them are still miserable! We should stop health care for the over 65's that'll sort the country out!!!

When I started that last paragraph I was only joking but I think I've talked myself round... well who wants to live till their incapable of looking after themselves anyway? When I get to the point that I can't go to the toilet without someones help, shoot me.

written 26th Apr 2005

yup replies: Yeah I wasn't talking about BIGGER houses, I was talking about housing full stop.

The average age of first time buyers in this country is going up and up, it is now 30 years old!! (it used to be 21 one generation ago).

Over the past 40 years property prices have risen THOUSANDS of percent above inflation, with NO checks or balances because it suited the majority (the older generation, with housing) FACT.

NO WAGE INCREASE can match this increase.

Generation upon generation we ARE getting poorer, in a few years there will be more retired than in work and the wealth that is tied up in the housing we cannot afford does NOT move. It will NOT filter down not matter what the wages are...

Unless you own property We ARE getting poorer and the wealth is not moving at all...

Those with property should celebrate their increased wealth (and they are), for the rest of us...


written 26th Apr 2005

Jon replies: Just as a side note, the fact that propety prices are so high does have other effects.
It atificially makes property owners feel richer (despite the fact that they don't actually have the money in their pocket).
This is good for the economy it keeps people working like dogs to pay for their inflated mortgages, and stops them complaining, (my house is worth 100,000 more than I paid for it, yipee!). One rosy day when they retire (hunched over, bitter and broken!) they will be rich!
It also keeps the vast majority of the money tied up in the country, negating the effects of globalisation.

written 26th Apr 2005

Al replies: Yup,

see where your coming from there. On the plus side though, most of these older people have family that will eventually inherit the lot when the old buggers finally kiel over. Just sit tight it's only a matter of time.

written 27th Apr 2005

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