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They're not voting because...

None of the political parties...

None of the political parties are seriously looking at rolling back government intrusion into my life. If there was a serious Libertarian option - who promoted small government, tax-cuts, deregulation - then they might get my vote. Until then, sorry guys - you're all after taking my wealth and then using it to oppress me.

written 7th Apr 2005


Andrew replies:
you're all after taking my wealth and then using it to oppress me

In what way opressing you? By providing a health service? Education? Emergency services? Police? All free at the point of delivery?

Very oppresive!!!

It is offensive to talk about our democracy as offensive. People from really offensive regimes die trying to fight for our way of life.

As for being 'after taking your wealth'. I assume you mean taxation. Why is it always the wealthy who complain about taxation. They are usually left with more money after taxation than most people see in a lifetime.

written 11th Apr 2005

Dr. Mabuse replies: In what way oppressing us? I'll tell you.

By taking our money and spending it on fifth-rate services (health, education, policing), and thus depriving us of the ability to pay for services run by competent agencies that we might actually want to use. It's only recently that people have started complaining about public services - previously the general attitude was "oh, it's free, so what do you expect?" - in other words, we conditioned ourselves to be robbed and to have poor service forced upon us in return.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Why do people think that The State (aka "The Man") should be the best organization to run public services? What government in history has ever shown any aptitude for or even competence at providing such services? Without competition, without market forces, and without fear of the consumer all such endeavours will eventually stagnate into waste, corruption, incompetence and abysmal service.

written 26th Apr 2005

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