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Why on earth do so many people feel compelled to force others to vote? what is the great need of these people to force apathetic, disaffected non-voters to engage in a practise they patently do not want to engage in? If a person does not wish to vote, surely this person should not be forced to vote upon some ill-informed or worse, arbitrary reason.

written 22nd Apr 2005


Jennifer Smith replies: Less than 100 years ago women were throwing themselves under horses to get the right to vote. If there is no one you want to vote for, you still have a responsibility to go to the polling station and spoil your ballot paper. At least you are then making a statement other than "I can't be bothered to turn up".

written 23rd Apr 2005

AJ replies: I totally agree with Jennifer. If you don't want to vote, then make a statement which makes it clear you don't WANT to and not that you just can't be bothered to.

written 23rd Apr 2005

Hugh Jones replies: It's SO encouraging to see people encouraging eachother to spoil their ballot papers.

Let's make 2005 and record year for spoiling ballot papers.

PS I'd like to say to the original poster here: No-one's trying to force you to vote. The issue is explained clearly - for people choosing not to vote but who are NOT apathetic to explain why they're not voting so that politicians don't think they're apathetic.

Some people are apathetic. But this website is not targetting those people. If you want to be apathetic fine - no-one's trying to stop you. If you think they are that's a misunderstanding. This website is for those of us who are NOT apathetic and arey genuinely concerned about politics but feel that there is no-one worth voting for. If that's not you then fine, you don't have to worry about it.

written 23rd Apr 2005

TL replies: Reading the above 3 posts is SO depressing that I can't find the words to express my dismay.

I think the agenda of this site is now beyond question. Just wish they had the guts to be honest about it.

written 23rd Apr 2005

Hamish Allan replies: TL, would you care to elaborate?

written 23rd Apr 2005

Gavin replies: A woman threw herself under a horse once. Quite a statement, I'm sure, but not enough of a reason to do something. Women can now vote if they choose to - which is only right and proper. But that need not have any baring at all on any individual's behaviour. People died for all manner of things, that doesn't give any of us any responsibility to go against our own beliefs in order to justify others' sacrafice. Generally, people give up their lives in the name of freedom, not the opposite.

written 23rd Apr 2005

james replies: Many of the women who fought for the vote were also socialists. These women did not vote to get the vote. They wrote, spoke, and endured imprisonment and harrassment to liberate women. They were brave and sincere individuals and their actions prove that voting will not bring peace and autonomy to the people of the world.

written 28th Apr 2005

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NotApathetic was built so that people who are planning not to vote in the UK General Election on May 5th can tell the world why. We won't try to persuade you that voting is a good or a bad idea - we're just here to record and share your explanations. Whether ideological, practical or other, any reason will do.

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