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They're not voting because...

No doubt about it now ..... that Labour...

No doubt about it now ..... that Labour compaign is all about lies. Violent crimes up and they claim No, No, its down. why some srvey said so - forget actual Police record. Police says gun crimes and murders going up and it does not have resources to cope with it - Blair says: Hold it, it can't be right. On immigration, it is so easy that any one can just claim religious persesution in india or pakistan or some where - get a letter some community association and there you go - British Passport is ready. And worse, some of these community associations have government support. Labour will not commit on not raising taxes, specially Natonal Insurance; will not commit abour council taxes; will not commit about pensions. All they will do is to hire spin consultants and TALK, TALK and TAlk, Talk. that what new Labour has been reduced to. No ideals. No principles. just lies, lies and big lies aka B-Liar.

On the other hand, conservatives have just one plan. Like their last stint, it is all about cuts: NHS cuts, Education cuts, tax cuts, immigration cuts. Actually, their mind set is so capitalist that they will want us to fend for our selves like in good old Victorian days and rely on charities. Survival of the fittest. The Conservatives are fit for jungle only. Fittest will eat the rest.

The Liberals: Just too nice.. have no experience and don't seems to know what they are talking about. They think having nice and polite manners are enough for people to agree on higher taxes. They still have not realized that local income tax will catch more poor people than at present and might result in worse social up-heavel of immense measure.

The rest UKIP, Veritas, BNP, Respect are one or two person ego-istic band wagons. Good for fun and nothing else.

So who do you vote - None of the above.

written 22nd Apr 2005


ray replies: Forget it: they all lie from time to time and remember they all have studied Law.

written 22nd Apr 2005

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