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They're not voting because...

.. i cannot see anybody who represents...

.. i cannot see anybody who represents me and REFUSE to be forced to support someone who doesn't support my views. Besides, most people who vote Labour or Tory are associating themselves with an image - little careful though goes into most peoples votes. My mother said "i'll NEVER vote Labour", my friend said "i'll NEVER vote Tory" - there you have it really : people abandon objectivity on the subject that needs it most, QED.

written 25th Apr 2005


Gavin replies: That isn't actually such a daft thing to do; on the surface it may seem simplistic, but in theory the parties do have "core values" that should be considered when choosing your party of choice. With all the spin, it may be better to vote on the basis of a party's general attitude than whatever rubbish they spout during an election campaign. If you want a party that believes in Capitalism, you want the Tories. Labour may have copied most Tory policies, but underneath there's still and undercurrent of socialism. The Lib Dems are further left still and the choice of those who think making life more "fair" will actually make life better.

Anyway, the point is that your general impression of a party may provide a better guide to their likely behaviour than specific pledges that are rarely fulfilled.

written 25th Apr 2005

Miss Dipsy replies: Well said Gavin! There are some basic, fundamental differences in the ethoses (I don't think that's the correct plural but hey!) of the parties that do tend to guide even the least thoughful voter, and should give you a rough idea of the kind of policies they will impliment. I am 99.999% sure I will never vote Tory (unless somewhere down the line they have some kind of radical shift in policy and all the left/centre/progressive parties swing the other way!), and that isn't through lack of careful thought! I find their whole outlook too selfish, exclusive & moralistic, and lacking in concern for future generations & people who have not been fortunate in life through no fault of their own. That's just my opinion, but it is not unobjective, and I am always prepared to revaluate my position, but it seems rather unlikely that the Tories will ever do anything to convince me to vote for them!

written 26th Apr 2005

Miss Dipsy replies: Plural of ethos is ethoi! Apparently.

written 26th Apr 2005

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