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They're not voting because...

They all lie... Politicians that is... ...

They all lie... Politicians that is...

They tell you what you want to hear, and then screw you up the back when they get in. Labour have done that with the public over Taxes, and they've done it with students. I wonder if Tony will dare show his face to any university or college students this campaign. I'm willing to wage money that he won't.

As for the Tories, they're exceptionally vague on details, and there is some issue to whether their policies can sustain tax cuts and lower borrowing over a sustained period of years.

As for the Liberal Democrats, they won't be in government for the next three elections, but they are the most honest out of the 3. If they continue to improve as they have done over the last 2 elections, I will happily lend them my vote.

For now, someone get that bullshitter out of power, don't let Blair get away with Iraq, it's bad enough that Caveman Bush is still in power.

written 21st Apr 2005

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