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I live in an area that is a very safe...

I live in an area that is a very safe Labour seat. To vote anyone else is wasteful as it will not change the outcome.

I'm very angry at the way that if you live in a safe area that your voice is weakened. I yearn for proportional representation so that I can vote and have that vote counted in a meaningful way that helps me to be represented in the commons.

I could spoil my paper in protest, but this will have contributed to the turnout.

I am NOT voting in the hope that turnout can slip below 50% and that this will be the trigger/catalyst to a national review of the electoral process and brings us closer to proportional representation.

written 21st Apr 2005


bernard wright replies: Write your response...As you are outnumbered by labour supporters ask in your local paper if they have studed the state of the pensioner and ask if they approve of 32000 pensioner dying of starvation every year from lack of money and 28%of pensioners who live below the breadline.Just remind them that todays workers are tomorrows pensioners

written 22nd Apr 2005

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