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I think that there isn't anyone worth voting for. Spoil your paper and let them know that they don't represent the electorate. Let's face it, if they keep telling us that the other parties have their policies all wrong, they can't all be wrong?!! When was the last time you heard a politician say "that sounds like a good idea" when it came from an opposing party? How about we all put policies into a hat, give the best one five years, and if it isn't working, try the next one. Surely there has to be a better way to govern. I also support the idea of more referendii, if they don't ask us what we want, how can they meet our wishes? Muppets, the lot of them, and corrupt too. How about a law that prevents anyone in public office getting another job if they're found to be lying to the electorate (Peter M, Tony B etc etc) - my local MP is a Tory, so no hope of him supporting this idea!!!

written 20th Apr 2005


Bernard Wright replies: Write your response..The record of the labour government is that they allowed 28%of pensioners to live below the bread line.An average of 32000 pensioners die of starvation every year commonly known as hypothermia
The lat government put into the state pension less than 5% of GDP while all the other EU countries put in more than twice that amount.This is the reason why this country has the lowest state pension in Europe.and that the state pension is only 16.75%of the national average wage.Allother EU countries have a state pension of at least 50%of the national average wage

written 20th Apr 2005

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