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Voting should be made compulsary

Voting should be made compulsary so long as they add a "None of the above" section to the voting form. That will prove once and for all that we are not abstaining because we're lazy, we're abstaining because we see nobody worth voting for and noone that would make any difference to the way this country is being run into the ground.

written 20th Apr 2005


Gavin replies: That is an idea, but would it really improve anything? That would mean a large percentage of the country would vote on the basis of the most trivial reasons - such as likig the name of a particular party, for instance. If you find yourself in a voting booth, there by legal requirement and you really don't care who gets in, it could come down to a completely random choice or some tiny detail you remember. Sure, some people will choose "none of the above" in this situation, but some will choose a party. This would encourage the parties to appeal to people who don't care at all about politics and political messages, but are voting because they are forced to. Surely that would lead to even more petty, vote-grabbing policies?

written 20th Apr 2005

Tiger43 replies: I think voting should be enforced at gun point. This I am sure will lead to a happier Britain.

written 20th Apr 2005

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