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Write your reasons here.Quote by Tony Blair September 4th 1996
"We are carefully looking at proposals to guarantee pensioners a decent income in retirement so that we can end means testing for pensioners once and for all and get rid of the evil of pensioners poverty"
Politicians are liars and a waste of public money..

written 20th Apr 2005


Anonymous replies: Of course they're liars. For a start they hope that most people die in one of their cesspit hospitals before they have the temerity to claim their pensions which are already earmarked for the millions of immigrants who are destined to "enrich" us in years to come.

written 20th Apr 2005

Bernard Wright replies: Write your response..Ifound your responce a little strong but absolutely correct.
What this country needs are a few more people around like you.
What a pitty that we cannot get our thoughts direct to No 10 Downing St
Bernard Wright
3 Owen Drive
Bristol BS8 3UE
Tel 01275 392151

written 20th Apr 2005

Gavin replies: Oh come on, it's not down to immigrants. It's the people who are here already that are the problem. Most legal immigrants are an asset (for instance, half of NHS doctors, or whatever it is - lots, anyway). We have an aging population and a huge number of people out of work due to "illness" and other less legitimate reasons. This is bound to put a strain on the nations economy. In a few years time, there will be more people not working than working in the UK. That is a big economic problem. This is a big deal that needs some real thinking. Bribing them, Brown style, is clearly not a solution.

It is tricky. Pensioners who have worked hard all their lives should be able to maintain a better standard of living and provide more for their families than those who have not worked. But with the coffers so low, everyone ends up scraping the barrel and a lifetime of slogging away seems like a waste of time. A lot of people were sold on the idea of care from "cradle to grave" - it does seem that was an unrealistic promise.

written 20th Apr 2005

G Holt replies: While I entirely accept that there is a case for the review of pensions for those in Britain, the pensioners in Austrakia, Canada and South Africa are beig cheated by their annual increases being frozen, a terrible discrimination that cannot be be morally justified.G Holt

written 26th Apr 2005

Bernard Wright replies: Write your response..Of course it is morally wrong not to increase all pensions.As to where you live has nothing to do with the pesion it'self
The State Pension in this country is only 16.75%of the national average wage ,but other EU countries have at least 50% of their national average wage.
Why the discrimination?.It is about time the house of commons was closed down as politicians are a waste of public money

written 26th Apr 2005

Tiger43 replies: Hoorar for Tony, our hero! A man barely allive. We can rebuild him. Better than he was, faster, stronger.

written 26th Apr 2005

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