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I am not voting because I now live in Australia, After working and paying all my just dues while living and working in the UK I find that my pension payments from the Uk are frozen at the rate which was in force at the then time I started to draw same. That was in 1993 so you can see how far behind the eight ball I am. This doesnt just apply to me but all pensioners who have retired to Australia, and certain other countries.This to me is discrimination between different pensioners according to now where they reside.I did think that discrimination was illegal, but apparently not to the British Government.When will they start to treat ALL pensioners in the same way and increase everybodies payments.
Edward Holmes

written 20th Apr 2005


Derrick Perth WA replies: Edward,I'm like you living in OZ. Have you looked at Lots of good stuff contained within
Derrick Perth

written 21st Apr 2005

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