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Frozen Pensions. The reason for my reluctance...

Frozen Pensions. The reason for my reluctance to vote lies in broken promises made by both major parties to index link pensions for overseas retirees.Ian MacCartney Chaiman of the Labout Party made a firm promise to ensure all pensioners resident overseas would receive the same pension as those resident in the UK.
When eventually promoted to became New Labour's Pensions Minister his fingers inexplicably suffered from frostbite,unable to fulfill his earlier promise. However looking at the Conservative Manifesto I see no firm commitment there either.Sympathetic clucking noises yes,....just like during their long stay in the seat of power last time. No thank you! So I am left with the Lib/Dems, but even they, with the balance of power in sight have gone cold on the subject.I have still another two weeks to think about it.

written 20th Apr 2005

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