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Voting does crap all. it only lets us...

Voting does crap all. it only lets us choose our masters. masters who lie, cheat, steal and murder their way through life. Don't vote and work towards Anarchy, it makes sense to me anyway.

written 19th Apr 2005


Lorenzo replies: I can see your point. To think that for each one of us posting on this forum, hundreds of of our kin died in world wars so we could live in a democracy. To end up in the sorry state we now find our selves in, we only have our low life greedy politicians to blame. They care not about their people one jot, but are only interested in their own personal power trips.

written 20th Apr 2005

To Lorenzo replies: What makes you think that politicians "care not about their people one jot, but are only interested in their own personal power trips"?

written 20th Apr 2005

luther blissett replies: A gentle reminder that Anarchy as a political methodology is a rather large step away from "masters who lie, cheat, steal and murder their way through life".

written 20th Apr 2005

Tiger43 replies: I have allways beleived that a good revolution every few hundred years or so, does a country good. Its like the seasons. When summers over the Autumn weather sweeps the crap out of the way for a new season.

written 21st Apr 2005

Vee replies: "politicians care not about their people one jot, but are only interested in their own personal power trips"

I doubt that it the case for most politicians - although there are a few exceptions. I don't think I would like to do a job where the media hates you, you rarely get to see your friends and family and your ideas have to be passed through redtape after redtape and even then possibly rejected by 'the party'.

There are many other, easier ways to make a difference in the world [teaching, nursing etc]. In addition there are many other ways to go on a 'personal power trip' [manager, police...errr...teaching...]

written 21st Apr 2005

james replies: anarchy: "without ruler(s)". sounds like a good idea. i think it *is* a good idea. not voting is a step in the right direction, the first step towards freedom.

written 28th Apr 2005

Ayaz replies: There would be anarchy which would develop into a dictatorship.

written 1st May 2005

james replies: Ayaz, your assertion that a dictatorship would arise from anarchy is a common one -- one based on the assumption that we are not already living in a dictatorship. Blair's party won the election with 36% of the vote; six in ten people registered to vote decided to participate in "democracy". People who can and do vote are not necessarily voting *for* someone or something. The Labour Party encouraged its supporters to vote *against* Howard's Tories. And remember, there has never been a plebiscite on the existence of the state. Back to the original point, in an anarchy I suspect that people would be weary of demagogues and would-be dictators. There is a danger that when small pockets of anarchy are created, they can be forcefully crushed (like in Spain, 1936 and so on) but I am an optimist and hope that people everywhere will struggle to depose tyrannical regimes and to create a peaceful world.

written 6th May 2005

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