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Apparently all the people who are not voting are simply content and complacent. Their 'apathy' is a direct result of comfortable affluence and the minimal differences in emphasis between the two major parties who have apparently agreed a statist, social democratic, agenda of state spending in the three areas of the NHS, Education and I forget the third one.

This is bull - most of the people I encounter are either simply deeply indifferent and disengaged or actively cynical and disillusioned. It doesn't take a genius to work out that the system is deeply undemocratic with less than 2% of the electorate in marginal seats deciding the outcome. 40% of the 59% voting last time produced a totally disproprtionate majority of 150 seats for Bliar. MP's who openly aver that they 'are not delegates' change party mid term (some even doing a double switch) without having the integrity to stand down and contend a by election. The system does not even require them to do so. This is a slap in the face for 'democracy' and most of all the deluded voters.

Lord Hailsham recognised the phenomenon of 'elective dictatorship' in Thatcher's days. And this is what we have today - voting as an act is one of meek submission that simply grants a blank cheque to those in charge of the political party that has massaged the electoral boundaries and surfs the system most skilfully. Bliar has the most amazing gall and arrogance - today (19th April) I heard him on the radio accusing the Tories of concentrating on the marginals in order to 'get in by the back door'. This from the man whose party is doing precisely the same thing - writing personal letters to marginal swing voters that even get backed up by personal telephone calls from ministers of the crown! Bliar's attitude suggests either that he is relentlessly cynical or supremely self-delusional.

Whatever the cause is of voter indifference, the 'none of the above' party will form the biggest constituency at the forthcoming election' and relentlessly continue to grow.

written 20th Apr 2005

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