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Conservatives not bold enough with their...

Conservatives not bold enough with their proposals.
Liberals replacement council tax proposals do not encompass enough people who will pay (we should all pay something towards the services we use).
Labour have too many forms for young and old people to complete, before they receive benefits.
SNP base a lot of their thinking upon anti English.
If the Monster Raving Loony candidate turns up, I'll vote for them!

written 19th Apr 2005


Tom Cochrane replies: Can you give an example of the SNP being 'anti-English'. Could you also include a definition of what being 'anti-English' means.

written 21st Apr 2005

Alex replies: Hello
Being anti English is where the sole reason for being abusive, or against something, is because the person is English.
Examples are in the pubs of SNP areas, where it is only thought a person may be English, is enough reason to hate them.
There are many Scots in England, where they do not immediately receive abusive language just because they have a Scottish accent.
When the Rob Roy film was on the go, the SNP were handing out leaflets outside the cinemas, with an anti English mentality.
I am 100% Scottish but ashamed at times to hear the SNP politicians speak - although there has been the occasional one who genuinely advocates harmony.
I see the hatred as so petty when compared to the greater issues outside UK.
On a broader issue, SNP state they want to be independent within Europe. The thinking is to get rid of a perceived 'English yoke' and get hitched up to the 'European yoke'. If you talk to Easter Europeans, they now understand how they are the underdog to 'Central Europe'.
Must go, it is sunny outside...

written 21st Apr 2005

Tom Cochrane replies: I don't recognise anything you have stated as a realistic reflection of day to day experience of Scotland or anything advocated by SNP.
(I am not an SNP voter).
I just think there are perceptions of Scotland and Scots that are perpetrted that bear no resemblance to reality.
about 20% of the population of Glasgow are English (spent most of their lives growing up in England are consider themselves to be English).
Are you suggesting that they are bombarded by daily abuse and hatred? Plainly nonsense.
This is a myth.
I know dozens of people who consider themselves to be English and live in Scotland. (Glasgow, Ayr, Aberdeen, Edinburgh). Not one of them has made any observation to me that would support your comments.

There is a pantomime of nationalistic identity that has always been an aspect of the UK identities.
Some of that can be tiresome and at times slightly offensive - (in all directions) -
Think of Ann Robinson or Rory McGrath going on about the Welsh - this shouldn't be confused with hatred. Neither should it be part of a politically correct ideology. Heaven forbid.

written 23rd Apr 2005

Alex replies: Hello
All your points are valid. But, just like crime/car accidents, they are just a ststistics until you are involved yourself.
I was citing localised SNP reaction.

The leaders of SNP have been advocating harmony in more recent years.
All they need to do now is talk of England as they do of other continental European countries - and of Wales & Ireland.

written 23rd Apr 2005

Tom Cochrane replies: I would say if you are an reader of this thread in England come and live in Scotland for a while and make up your own mind.
Almost everyone I know who originated from England and Wales now votes for Independance by supporting the SNP (left of centre social democrats with very positive views on immigration) or the SSP a far left party that has some of the social conscience of old Labour). The Green Party in Scotland also have independance as a primary goal.

If that seems like too much of a wrench and you support the idea of Independance for England. Support the SNP.An English parliament is not on the agenda.

Scottish independance is by definition a vote for English independance.

written 23rd Apr 2005

Alex replies: Hello
As I stated earlier, I'm Scottish and live in Scotland and also live in an SNP area.
I travel to England frequently as well as elsewhere.
This brief correspondence only goes to show how we both are basing our opinions, and probably how we vote, upon our personal experiences, which is probably the case for most people. No doubt the media plays some part as well.
I have voted for the SNP previously.
I would not vote for them now.
The main reason being that there are enough people employed throughout UK and Continental Europe making rules which they don't have to abide by themselves.
The thought of having more people sitting 'over us' in Edinburgh does not appeal to me.
New Labour built the government building in Edinburgh and stated that they(MSP's) would be different from Westminster. What has ended up there are a bunch of administrators with the same conditions, including salaries and pensions.
The thought of SNP being there and creating even more of same, does not appeal to me.
Why was the Scottish Executive's building not built in some of the rundown areas of Edinburgh or Glasgow, then they may have had do something about peoples problems instead of just talking/writing about them.
Anyway, soon be May 5th, when the politicians can start ignoring us and we them....

written 24th Apr 2005

Tom Cochrane replies: Alex - The idea of additional polititians does not appeal to me either.
I would like to see far fewer politicos held more responsible for their actions.

Going back to your original post - I don't think Scots are remotely anti-English (any more than I think anyone in England is anti-Scottish).
Complaining and commenting are wondeful rights and I hope that they never get caught up in Politically correct thinking.

The Parliament building was originally due to be in the Scottish office building and nearby High School (the SNP Plan) it would have cost a pittence to adapt.
Glasgow offered the former Strathclyde Regional Council building (vast) but was turned down.
It would have been ideal and almost ready to move into.

Westminister ordered and signed the contract for the new building (the worst contract in the history of UK public buildings).

written 24th Apr 2005

Tiger43 replies: I think the Conservatives are plenty BALD enough!!

written 25th Apr 2005

Tom Cochrane replies: Tiger43 - I don't understand your comment.

written 26th Apr 2005

Alex replies: Hello folks

In my first rant I stated "Conservatives not bold enough with their proposals", hence the "I think the Conservatives are plenty BALD enough!!".
I would agree with this comment. The Conservatives are generally too old and lack the youthful appearance required nowadays for TV etc.
The Conservative policies are too old as well. They should adopt the very simple tax systems introduced in Eastern Europe, instead of the ones in this country where it pays people to avoid them.

My rant started as a general swipe at all parties.
For the first time, for many reason, I could either stick a pin in list of candidates to vote or think of reasons to vote for parties at each end of the spectrum.....Scottish Socialist Party / Conservative.

As I stated earlier, opinion about being Anti English is usually based upon how individuals find it.
If the SNP were to run a campaign, where English or England was not mentioned, I might vote for them, since it would indicate they were only thinking of Scotland and all countries/organisations in the world. Watching Sean Connery in movies - OK. Having Sean Connery stick his nose in and tell me how he knows any more than I do about how Scotland should be run is a joke. He should keep quiet and make sure he is not too late with his postal vote.
If SNP did 'win' Scotland, that would leave England, N. Ireland & Wales together.
This would be exactly what Brussels wants, which was why an attempt was made to introduce Regions in England.

As for the Scottish MSP's building in Edinburgh - that was all down to New Labour in Scotland. They picked the site & design. They organised the building of it....and why was a TV presenter chosen to get involved early stages decisions AND making a profit from filming the whole process.
This just indicated how inbreed they all are in Edinburgh - it's just a place for 'jobs for the boys/girls' in all the quangoes & sub committees etc.

Look forward to any replies to my rants..

written 26th Apr 2005

Tiger43 replies: Sean Connery is no longer Scottish. Because he was such a good 007, that automatically makes him an honourary Englishman and knight of the Royal Garter, he probably wears one as well!

written 26th Apr 2005

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