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Tell the world why you're not voting - don't let your silence go unheard

They're not voting because...

Political parties and career politicians...

Political parties and career politicians have hijacked our democratic process and distorted it into a virtual shopping experience.

They call focus groups and develop their product (policies - manifesto) and then at an election invite the public to buy their product by voting for the candidate they have selected for us in each constituency.

BUT our parliamentary democracy was founded on voters being able to support a candidate from their own number to represent them. These candidates didn't need focus groups to decide their policies or a huge marketing campaign to convince the electorate. They already understood the issues and concerns of their community.

So if your choice is limited to candidates who only seek to toe the party line and thereby further their own ambitions, don't let this election be a virtual experience. Get real and write "None of the above" on your ballot paper and put a cross next to it. That way you will exercise your right to vote and your contempt for the cadidates.

If enough of us, who feel deceived and unrepresented, have the courage to do this then we will make an impact. Who knows, we may finally hear the sound of the silent majority.

written 19th Apr 2005

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NotApathetic was built so that people who are planning not to vote in the UK General Election on May 5th can tell the world why. We won't try to persuade you that voting is a good or a bad idea - we're just here to record and share your explanations. Whether ideological, practical or other, any reason will do.

A lot of users would like us to mention that if you spoil your ballot paper, it will be counted. So if you want to record a vote for "none of the above", you can.