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My disappointment in mainstream party politics is overwhelming.

When I voted Labour in 1997 I feel I was ripped-off by the best marketing campaign British politics had ever seen. It cynically exploited the genuine and powerful sense of dissatisfaction people felt by then with the Conservatives and used Socialist and humanitarian ideals to do little more than harvest votes.

It's incredible to me that a party that campaigned on the slogan 'an ethical foreign policy' (remember that?!) should, a few years later, be involving itself in the illegal and barbaric destruction of another country.

As a result of this as well as the wholesale watering down of many of the promises made on domestic issues prior to their 1997 victory including promises on transport and education I now no longer feel interested in voting for any party.

However, I feel far from apathetic which I believe is a term being used by mainstream politicians to undermine what might be the very early stirrings of a genuine movement for change devoloping outside the conventional democratic processes.

Very many people including myself now believe as they feel their lives growing increasingly separate from mainstream democratic politics that the struggle for power played out every four years is no more than a pantomime.

I believe this is because the social and economic framework is now so narrowly defined that real alternatives which genuinely differ from the power structures which govern our lives and the lives of the people we vote for are now not only becoming impossible to find, but are becoming increasingly difficult to even imagine.

As more and more people grow to feel disenfrachised and powerless in this way, I feel that Britain and indeed many other countries whose governments crow so loudly about their democratic credentials are at the same time inviting serious and even devasting political and social unrest. Could this be another explanation for the drive by ours and other governments to terrify us into accepting onerous and undemocratic new security laws?

This deeply troubles me and should trouble anyone with an interest in at least a semblance of a fair and just world. I am sure I and many others, while disillusioned with party politics, are very far from apathetic.

written 19th Apr 2005


RogerCO replies: I entirely agree with you. In 97 I switched from Lab to LD to get the local tory out (tactical vote) - it worked. I voted for him again in 01, but not any more - there is NO significant difference between the 3 main parties and none of them has any underlying principles.
I want politics that is based on ideology and conviction. The Green Party provides this with a radical vision that is based on sound principles. Sadly the local party is not yet strong enough to put up a candidate, so this time I wont vote but will help them be stronger next time.
If you have a local Green candidate I urge you to support them - it is not a wasted vote : if you don't vote for what you believe in you will never get it.

written 19th Apr 2005

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