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They're not voting because...

root causes

I love all the debate about the parties policies and pushing the blame around for various issues -
The environment and public transport are my favourites....

Just a thought >>>>>

Why don't people use public transport?

1. Unreliable
2. Usually dirty
3. Costly
4. Unsafe

Why is this the case?
Oh what a surprise look no further than the scum in our society.

Yep who is it who

1. Vandalise public transport
2. Fills trains/buses with vomit,
take-aways and all manner of other
3. And in turn increase the running
cost to the operator - which is
passed onto us the passenger.
4. Attack people on buses/trains
Harass staff etc etc.....

If the Government got to the root cause of many issues which is the chavvy people in society many of our problems would be resolved.

chav hater

written 19th Apr 2005


agree replies: I agree -

And before some whineing liberal harps on about how we owe it to society to look after the poor and try and understand their plight,
"it's not their fault it's society"

Bollocks - everyone knows the difference between right and wrong.
We all know not to attack people,
vandalise property etc etc.

Personally i'd like to see a bloody great wall built round Milton keynes and we can put all the chavs etc in there and lock the gate.

Problem solved.

written 19th Apr 2005

James Staunton replies: Yes. Poor People. Hmmmmm.

written 19th Apr 2005

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