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Vote with your feet - So it's election...

Vote with your feet -

So it's election time again, hmm
what has changed since the last time..

#Well the cost of living has gone
through the sodding roof.
#Antisocial behaviour has increased
#House prices are ridiculous -

my girlfriend and i have been saving a deposit for ages still not enough.
Well not strictly true, we both have decent jobs and don't want much really,just a decent 2 bed house with a garden in an ok area.......but what can we afford?? A one bed flat for nearly 180k in a shitty area surrounded by chav scum.

I mean what is the sodding point of commmuting miles each day, working your arses off and saving all your money for 4 years to find that realistically all you can afford is a shithole....where's the incentive.

And then 120k stamp duty threshold, cheers Gordon yeah let me see where in the thames valley you get a place for less than that??? studio flat in Slough maybe?

I think the point i'm trying to make with all this ranting is that 'normal' people - 30 somethings, full time jobs, no kids, no debts -- can see themselves slaving away just to get an "ok" standard of living while all around is a sea of scum taking the state for every penny.....
Oh and the government just keep milking us for more bloody money.

Vote for any of em, not likely.
We've had enough and are emmigrating.

written 19th Apr 2005


Radio replies: I know exactly how you feel, I'm a lone parent working my ass off 50+ hours a week to try and save a deposit.
I can't afford even the most basic terraced house so I'm renting and it makes me feel physically sick each month when I go to pay my rent (aka my landlords mortgage on his 2nd home)
the crazy thing here is that the rent I pay is more than the mortgage would be if I could get one big enough to buy the same property.

Meanwhile the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the rest of us are working our bollocks off just to stay still.


written 19th Apr 2005

original poster replies: Totally agree-
The rent we pay at the moment is about the same as the kind of mortgage we'd need to get.

It just angers me that it seems the better you do in life the more shafted you get...

All I want is to do is buy a decent house,in a friendly area where people respect each other and live a relaxed life... I really don't care about expensive cars / holidays / clothes and all that crap.

I don't want to see any more of my money going into the bleeding welfare system the undeserving definately outweigh the genuine cases.

I prefer to help society by giving my time for voluntary work at the weekends.

It's not something that i'd want to admit to but I am considering voting conservative this time round...

Lib Dem - too soft on crime etc etc
Labour - since 97 this country has gone down the pan

written 19th Apr 2005

orig poster replies: Edit //
As I expect someone will point out..
yes I contradicted myself saying I wasn't voting in the first post, then Cons in the second....

But on balance i should really vote.
for more lies and false promises :)

written 19th Apr 2005

mark replies: I agree completely. You could help yourself by moving out of the south east tho. I live in the north east and get by on 14k single income. 3 bedroom semi in an OK area.

written 19th Apr 2005

Gavin replies: Very similar position, here... I know they're not perfect, but the Conservatives seem to be the way to go. Honest, right of center politics. There has to be some point in working your arse off, or why would you bother?? It's all very well to support people who cannot work, but supporting everyone who can't be bothered to work and to the same standards as people who work full time is ridiculous. You can sponge off the working classes only so much, especially with house prices as they are now.

written 19th Apr 2005

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