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Frozen pensions for British expatriates...

Frozen pensions for British expatriates is a government policy which disgraces any politician lacking the backbone needed to redress the current shameful situation.

It's time to treat British citizens equally. Annual indexation must apply to all pensioners without discrimination.

I am an ex RAF serviceman who served his country with pride. Now that I am an aged pensioner I find it hard to believe that my country has chosen to treat me and many other British expatriates in such a mean and shabby manner.

Come on Britain, it's time to restore my former pride and regain your self respect.

written 19th Apr 2005


Chris replies: I agree mate! I checked out my situation in Australia recently and was appalled to find that while Australia has pension agreements with the USA and a host of other countries, it doesn't have one with the UK. Apparently the UK suspended the agreement in 2001. Disgraceful - especially for veterans like yourself.

written 19th Apr 2005

Derrick Prance replies: Chris. Thanks for your support. But it was Australia who cancelled the agreement, and rightfully so. Its costing the Ozzie taxpayer 100 million dollas annually.

written 20th Apr 2005

James Nelson replies: Some politicians and mandarins have (dishonestly) given the impression that pension freezing started because Australia ended the agreement. In fact it was the other way round.

The reason Austrlia terminated the agreement is that Britain refused even to talk about indexing pensions for pensioners living in "frozen" countries.

The excuse? It would cost resident British pensioners an occasional bunch of bananas. (^:*

written 20th Apr 2005

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