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I despair!

Blair is a grinning, egotistical, nutjob who works for Bush, not us. Howard is a man with no conscience and no memory. Both have no soul, no soaring belief in the power and the beauty of the individual. They pander to the worst in human nature, the dark and sour core within us, and they should be better than that. And why vote Lib Dem? They seem good now, but so did Labour in 1997. If we elect Charles K, he'll just go the same way! BNP? Scum. Greens? Hippies with no idea how to run a country. I despair!

written 19th Apr 2005


Adam replies: Maybe you could give the Liberal Democrats a chance - you don't know they'll go the same way. Their politicians and members are careful to be spin-free and honest. How much harm can four years of a different, fresh party do?

written 19th Apr 2005

Gavin replies: You would have to ignore some of their principle policies, which are overtly left-wing. As for honesty, the "all things to all men" party clearly cannot fulfill all of their stated aims. Few people believe their sums add up, either. They know they won't get in, so they can afford to put forward impossible policies.

written 19th Apr 2005

idle replies: I despair at your attitude.... you are not allowed to vote for a govt. You can ONLY vote for your MP. Perhaps your Labour/Tory/LibDem/Green/ MP is a very hard working person who will do wonders for the needy in your constituency, or for the whole country.
Perhaps the incumbunt one is an idle sod. I have no right to vote your idle sod out - you do.

Pick your MP, vote for them. Or spoil a ballot paper with None of the Above to register the fact you would vote if they stopped their continual lies. If nothing else the govt. mandate will be reduced by your 'pointless' vote, and think how much you'd piss off the politicians if you deliberately spoilt the ballot paper!!!

written 19th Apr 2005

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