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They're not voting because...

cancelling each other out

Both main parties are equally useless. The Cons say they will fix this that and the other - but they didn't fix any of those things when they last had a chance, did they ? Blair seems to have got his history mixed up. In an effort to avoid being a Chamberlain/appeaser, he decided to be a Hitler/war monger instead. That alone makes me want to see Labour out, or at least returned with a smaller majority.
My Wife however is following the "we'll be taxed less under Labour" route - (yeah right).

If she convinces me that she is going Lab, and I'm going Con, then we can both stay at home and cancel each other like, just like they actually do in Parliament every day of the week.
And that's why we wont actually be voting.

written 19th Apr 2005


idle replies: The best reason I've seen for not voting :) Mind you, if you both decide not to vote, then voting for a third party will still have no effect, and you might stop an Independent from losing his/her deposit. Might even consider spoiling your ballot paper along with 100s of others in your constituency to reduce the % of the vote that the govt ends up with.

written 19th Apr 2005

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