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I am not a registered voter, but a British FROZEN Pensioner in Antigua where I worked for the British Govt. for many years yet had I retired to Barbados or Jamaica I would receive annual increases.
All the Political Parties repeatedly make promises to right this wrong. I'm still waiting for a Govt. to remove this gross injustice. All I ask is parity with UK Pensioners.

written 19th Apr 2005


Allan Swire replies: Thank you

written 19th Apr 2005

Roger Smith replies: >I'm still waiting for a Govt. to remove this gross injustice.

I agree it is an injustice, but the correct response should be to freeze pensions for evryone who doesn't live in the UK. After all it a lot of money to leave the country that if spent here (by uk pensioners) would help job creation, balance of payments etc etc.

written 19th Apr 2005

Ray replies: I am astonished to see Roger's suggestion. Mate, you cant remove an injustice by more injustise. Wonder what would you do if you were in original poster's shoes. if some one is entitled for pension then they are also entitled for annual rise in line with cost of living - that is an accepted principle of UK Govt. pensions. There should be no discriminations.

written 19th Apr 2005

James Nelson replies: Roger

What you have overlooked is that pensioners have their pensions frozen not only by where they emigrate to, but also when they emigrate.

If you had two men with the same date of birth and the same contribution history, and one emigrated on his 65th birthday while the other emigrated five years later, on his 70th birthday, the second one would have a larger pension, up to 22% more; and the difference would persist throughout their lives.

Freezing all expatriates would still leave this injustice.

written 29th Apr 2005

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