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There isn't a Green candidate standing...

There isn't a Green candidate standing in my constituency and none of the other parties takes environmental issues seriously. Also the Green party is the only one with a broad set of consistent policies based on sound ideological principles - proper politics.

written 18th Apr 2005


idle replies: I think Libdems take them seriously... you could vote for them and maybe it'd help stop anti-environment bills (eg GM) or you could create a 'Greens' box and tick it - you know it wont be counted but it should satisfy your conscience that you've done everything for the planet that this political system will allow (until, of course, you stand yourself :)

written 18th Apr 2005

Menzies replies: What you should really do is join your local Green Party, be active within it and next set of elections, they will be in a better position to put a candidate forward. Hey, it might even be you!
Oh, if you think lib-dems take green issues seriously, look at what they did in Scotland when they had the power:
The Lib Dems:
1.      Campaigned against GM crops, then a Lib Dem Minister approved their planting in Scotland.
2.      Opposed road-building schemes, then a Lib Dem Minister gave the go-ahead for the M74 Extension.
3.      Claimed to oppose ID cards, then abstained on a vote on them.
4.      Backed the introduction of congestion charging, then opposed the first such scheme in Edinburgh.

written 18th Apr 2005

idle replies: 1) Good point - dirty rotten liars the lot of them.
2) Even the Greens wouldnt abolish new roads! But, see point 1.
3) Well, here it's difficult because the 'ID' is the real problem but people focus on the 'card' bit. The 'card' is no different from a passport, but the 'ID' part is really underhand way of tracking everything you do, buy, have, where you go... linking your credit card to your mobile phone to your passport to your car to your job history etc and giving it to the police and, believe it or not, the local council to have access to. LibDems are against the ID bit, but they have to say 'ID card'.
4) Good for them - sounds perfect. A good idea in principle but a bad idea for a particular city such as Edinburgh.

written 19th Apr 2005

Pete replies: And don't forget that the libDems campaigned in the first Scottish Parliment against Student fees, then promptly voted for them with their new-found Labour Allies in order to get a foothold on the ladder of power.

LibDem voters in Scotland might as well vote Labour in any Scottish Parliamentary elections as that is the way the LibDems always vote despite their campaign promises.

written 30th Apr 2005

amanda wesley replies: I must agree with Menzies' comments about the Lib Dems 'Green' politics- their words and deeds are not consistent.
For example, their policy on the environment does not mention mobile technology, and they don't have a policy on masts, yet they keep on telling us how good the party is on this issue!.
Therefore it is convenient for Nicola Davis, Liberal Democrat candidate for Hodge Hill who works for the Mobile Operator's Association (her job involves making sure the industry get their masts where they want them, not where the community wants them) to assure me that she will follow Party Policy on masts - they haven't got one!
They're not too good on free speech either - Lid Dem members who object to such hypocrisy tend to get expelled!
Don't anyone believe that the Lib Dems are a party of Green politics. They are a party of whatever suits them at the time.

written 1st May 2005

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