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They're not voting because...

...I've been umming and ahhing...

... I've been umming and ahhing about this for ages. I've come to a conclusion: Tony Blair and his crew and Michael Howard all really irritate me. "If only a politician would answer a question with a straight answer then maybe I'll consider voting" I thought.

Today I watched Jeremy Paxman (he should be a politician - he has that evil look and I find him very offensive) interviewing Charles Kennedy. Jeremy asked some question about giving prisoners the right to vote being a previous lib-dem policy and Charles just answered his question, even though it might be unpopular. I was impressed. I could easily see Tony jabbering on about some nonsense to avoid answering the question.

We are going to have a government. I don't want it to be Tony and I don't want it to be Michael Howard. suggests I vote Green, but I think their policies are a bit limited to make them a viable government. I'm going to go look at the Lib Dem manifesto now (I've never read one before) and I may even vote for them.

Our system of politics is screwed up. It's a mess. Politicians are generally, IMHO, untrustworthy big-mouths who squabble like children in their House of Lords (or Commons or something - the one with the green padded benches, you know) and spend more time slating others than saying anything worthwhile. But, for the first time, I think that by voting I can do a little bit to push out Labour and Conservative to get some new ideas and new blood into our government. Step 1) Change the party. Step 2) change politics?

written 18th Apr 2005


Radio replies: You took the words right outa my mouth.
I think that our political system needs a good shake up, it has been dominated by the Labour/Tory dichotomy for far too long.
I would urge everyone to vote for anyone other than the big two. Hell even vote BNP if you can stomache them, but the important point
is to send a message, that we are all sick to our back teeth of Labour/Tory politics.

Personally I was not going to vote (like last time) but now I think that voting for one of the minority parties will send a stronger message
than simply abstaining, I am looking at Libdems/green/ukip with BNP a possibility just for the shock value.


written 18th Apr 2005

Gordon replies: The main parties have long maintained the myth that you only have a choice of Labour or Conservative.
You can always vote for an Independent MP, I am standing as one in Gillingham, Kent!

written 18th Apr 2005

idle replies: You cant vote for a government! You cant vote for a PM, or a cabinet. ALL you can do is vote for your local MP, and your vote will probably not make any difference to who's elected where you are.

But you DO have an opinion about things, and I bet you dont mind sharing it with others down the pub? Why not share it with the rest of us and vote. If you vote for 'None of the above' you will join a large number of people, and who knows, 'None of the above' may actually make the news and encourage others to do the same in the next vote.

In the census, 7% of the population, 21%(?) of the electorate are Jedi. It doesnt really take that much to register a protest, and you wont get another chance.

written 18th Apr 2005

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