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None of the parties seem to have a coherent...

None of the parties seem to have a coherent agenda which matches any particular philosophy. Instead, the parties mix and match policies in order to get elected. In short, the politicians are self-serving and therefore not fit to be trusted.

After all, he who wants power for its own sake is the least well qualified to hold it.

Politics will become worthwhile again once politicians rationally discuss policies on the basis of observable facts, rather than emotive sound-bites and hysterical media reports in a cynical and disgusting attempt to be reelected.

Where have the freedoms that made Britain great disappeared to?

written 18th Apr 2005


diplomatt replies: the freedoms seems to be in the hand of murdoch et al

trying onself to the mast of a political philosophy is often unhelpful, and can lead to dogmatic decision making. problems often needs to be dealt with in their context, a decision can be subject to what you have at the time at your disposal/what is achievable

if cynicism didn't work they wouldn't use it.

written 18th Apr 2005

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