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I've voted labour for close to 35 years...

I've voted labour for close to 35 years, but like a lot of people, I don't trust Blair's links to people like Bush, Aznar, Berlusconi; I dont want the gap bteween rich and poor to get any bigger. And who is there to vote for?

written 18th Apr 2005


mehkri replies: The single most important element missing with Labour compaign is TRUST. They are simply as untrustworty as Conservatives. Sooner, labour does something better for them.

written 18th Apr 2005

NC replies: If you don't trust them, don't vote for them - there are protest parties who reflect your views. If Labour suffer at the hands of Respect etc, it will at least teach them not to move against the masses as they did over Iraq.

written 18th Apr 2005

tom replies: "I dont want the gap bteween rich and poor to get any bigger"

Surely you simply want the situation of the poor to improve, granting them a better quality of life - why do you want the "gap" to become smaller?

Under Labour, I believe, the rich have got richer, and the poor have got richer. As such, the gap hasn't really changed, and because, for some ludicrous reason, that's how they measure social economics, it makes it look as if the government's failed to deliver on their promises. Apparently, if they calculated it another way, there would be 0% poverty for the whole of Western Europe.

written 18th Apr 2005

Julian replies: The gap is important as it shows where the emphasis is. Under labour , the top 10% of the population own a higher percentage of the available wealth than before. A 'fair' society would have a smaller gap than an 'unfair' one. The UK is nowhere near the case of the US where 10% of the population owns 75% (as of two years go - not seen recent figures) of the available wealth

written 18th Apr 2005

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