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(1) I move for work...

(1) I move for work every year or two and so I'm never on the elector register at the right address when the election comes around.
(2) There is no-one in my constituency who represents my opinions. This is probably true for most of us, but especially here in Northern Ireland where I have no wish to perpetuate the messed up party sectarian divide.
(3) Voting stations are too few and far between, especially if you have work to go to. Why can't I vote, say, in any post office or similar?

written 7th Apr 2005


Richard replies: 1. When you move, call into the Town Hall and register to vote. You don't have to wait for the electoral registration forms to come around.

2. It would be great if there were a candidate to represent your opinions. But there isn't. Yet someone will still win. So which of the candidates is least different from your opinions? Of a bad lot, who is the best?

3. The local authority should supply sufficient voting stations, open for sufficient hours to allow everyone to vote. I would complain if they aren't. The restrictions on where you can vote are there to prevent electoral fraud.

written 7th Apr 2005

Dave replies: On 2), richard, you have to decide if you want to influence who will get into power in favour of the least bad option, or if you think that all the candidates and possibly even the system itself is broken enough that you don't want to give your mandate to any of it. You obciously don't think it's that broken. A lot of people do.

written 7th Apr 2005

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