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I am a mum who works full time 6 days a week. I don't get to see my child often enough as it is so I'm certainly not wasting my time going to tick a wee box on a bit of paper. Especially since regardless of who I pick nothing will change.

written 11th Apr 2005


Jo replies: This comment is outrageous. If you've got time to write uneducated responses on this awful website then you've got enough time to vote. If you genuinely think you don't have time to go to a polling station then apply for a postal vote. If you really care for your child then you'll make an effort to influence the government that run the country that child has to grow up in.

written 11th Apr 2005

Chris replies: I agree, you are a full time worker as well as a full time mother, isn't there some way you would like to influence this country so you could spend more time with your children? And where are you kids whilst you're on the internet?

written 11th Apr 2005

azad replies: I have two children of my own, and that's exactly why I will be voting this time.

I will also make sure they are politically aware when they are ready to understand the issues and appreciate the power they posses to make this country and the world a better place for their own children.

written 11th Apr 2005

WhiteRabbit replies: Oh what fun. 4 people of good intention, with 1 living a life of quiet desperation and 3 ignorant 'social minded' ones. The three respondees show normal social conditioning and absolutely no historical political education. I recommend Ayn Rand, Lysander Spooner, and all the links from and especially the free ebook called Transmuting Society from

written 12th Apr 2005

Lou replies: "If you really care for your child then you'll make an effort to influence the government that run the country that child has to grow up in."

Erm really really sorry to have to point this out to you but erm voting doesn't do this. Taking part in public consultations doesn't do this. Writing to your MP / ombudsman / the BBC doesn't do this. All the time you take part in these sham processes you validate them. You can influence a govt by taking them to court if you have the money, by threatening the vested interests if you can find out what they are but not my friend by voting. Voting just gives them the nod to carry on just as they are.

written 13th Apr 2005

Political Animal replies:
Lou and White Rabbit get my vote - and, of course, the "mum who works full time six days a week."

written 16th Apr 2005

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