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parliamentary democracy is out of date...

parliamentary democracy is out of date. Why should I hand over decisions on the things that matter to a representative? How can one man or woman represent all my views on ever given subject? Let's have single issue referendums driven by new tecnology. Immigration, Crime, Tax, Housing, Speed Cameras ... you name it, Ill vote for it! But voting for some guy once every 5 years doesn't make me feel part of the process. Issues matter, single elected individuals dont.

written 18th Apr 2005


si hope replies: Single issue referendums misunderstand the inter-connectedness of policy areas. Imagine Immigration- where we voted to boot immigrants out for instance. Well, they bring in 2.5 billion net every year (even after paying them 40 a week dole we're still billions up) so we use that to build hospitals etc- great! The money wouldn't have been there without them. All issues have a knock-on effect, some of which the public are not aware of, and the general level of political knowledge is very poor. People who do not understand inflation should not be voting on economic issues. In fact, should people who don't know what a Select Committee is be voting for Parliamentarians?

The major risk is lack of representation. The way voters vote, the right-wing have a really good record on turning out to vote, whereas the 70% of people who aren't, don't. This means the fight is for the hearts and minds of those 30% who always turn out, hence the dumb media version of politics which has nothing to do with the real issues. It also means the right wing have been in power, against the wishes of the majority, for 85 of the 100 years. What you need is more turnout as that would inevitably mean more balance.
Also, MPs aren't delegates going to a conference.Their additional functions include
1. Familiarity with the issues, including the knock-on effects.
2. Influence over Government Ministers which individual voters don't have.

As usual, apathy and dislike towards a topic is merely produced by ignorance of it's true nature.

written 18th Apr 2005

piersh replies: How can governments have strategies or policies when every key decision is put to a single issue vote? Can I also say how ironic it is to find someone on a site dedicated to people who don't want to vote advocating a system that would have us voting weekly.

written 18th Apr 2005

James replies: Thanks for your response Si.

I've heard this before. You argument is that people are too stupid or ill informed to vote in their own interests. Arrogance.

If we start to give people the responsibility for their own political choices and they will grow up pretty quick. Say we do vote to have no new immigrants and suddenly no-one can buy a burger or see a nurse anymore. Well then people we see a link between that and vote differently next time.

Why do you assume that all non-voters are left wing? In my experience it is left who are very well organised - look at the unions. The silent majority are right wing and it is they who are unrepresented.

I never suggested that MPs are delegates (read the post) I said they are representatives. My point is that I do not wish to be represented by someone who only shares my views on some subjects.

I am very well informed about the workings of parliament.

As usual, left wing elitist arrogance is merely (sic) produced by a contempt for ordinary people.

written 18th Apr 2005

James replies: Piersh

Government will a suggested programme under my scheme. They will directly put this too the people.
I am talking about a revolution in politics. Politicans will raise and debate issues, trying to convince people their way. (Of course to have a fair debate, this will require strict rules on the money/ influence of interest groups)

Then we will put it to the vote!

This website is not dedicated to people who are opposed to voting. It is for people who have their reasons not to vote in this general election (please read the intro text)

Voting is wonderful - everyone likes to have their say even when it dosen't matter much (Look at Big Brother). Voting is the best way to do it. I love voting. As I said, I want to do it more not less!

It is voting for a person - that is what I object too. I do not wish to support someone who shares my view on only a few issues!

Let me vote on the issues!


written 18th Apr 2005

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