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We need fairness combined with sustainability

The three main political parties do not appear to posess any particular value systems. My central dogma is fairness. I believe that capitalism does have to be regulated by central government in order to prevent it spiralling out of control, yet I do not feel that earners of 100k+ should be taxed 50% of their total earnings regardless of circumstances. I believe that jobseekers should be given enough money to live, yet I do not believe that the state should fund the apparently unrelenting expansion of that group of people who do not wish to work and who have resigned themselves to living on handouts. I believe that the environment needs to be of high priority yet I do not believe it is fair for the general public to foot the bill for tax hikes in order to pay for new initiatives when big business is largely responsible for the damages that have been inflicted on the environment. My point is that in the partys' attempts to hone in on voting markets in the same way a commercial concern would focus on consumer markets, they seem to lose sight of fairness and balance. Perhaps it's time we should look at changing our antiquated point-scoring system of politics and make politicians act like reasonable adults.

written 18th Apr 2005

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