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I am not apathetic, but I know that I now have a choice to make, (a) Vote for a government that has under preformed and should not be rewarded for it (b) vote for the conservative party who I remember all to well from their last tour of duty where the country was on its uppers and was being run by a bunch of sleazy chancers who had absolutely zero respect for the people of this country and ran britain with our taxes like an old boy's club or (c) well lets be honest there is no option c... as I say I'm not apathetic I hust wish that there was an option on the voters slip where you could say that none of the above candidates were worthy of your vote! I'm sure this will never happen cause all parties are well aware that there would be a record turn out and the gravy train would over!!!

written 18th Apr 2005


Confused replies: I agree with (a) and (b) and would like to add a more specific (c) and (d). (c) I can't vote Lib Dem, even though I agree with many of their policies (local income tax, 50 per cent. tax on high earners, no student fees and free care for the elderly), because of their policy on the EU, which I think is undemocratic, corrupt and bureaucratic. (d) I can't vote Green although, again, I agree with many of their policies, but I am not in favour of wind farms in areas such as the Lake District. Wind power is wonderful in theory, but is unreliable, therefore will always need the back-up of conventional power, and expensive.

written 18th Apr 2005

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