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I shan't be voting in this general election because I no longer believe we have a democratic system.

In today's predominantly two-party system, party leaders must learn to control their parties in order to achieve leadership.

This means that when they assume power, control of parliament rests effectively in the Prime Minister's hands. It is a form of dictatorship.

The House of Lords provides little in the way of checks and balances (and is itself by definition, non-democratic)

Add to this state of affairs that the election can be won or lost in less than 200 marginal seats (or fewer than 800,000 votes), the opinions of the majority can never be expressed.

Our democracy is dead.

written 18th Apr 2005


piersh replies: Wasn't it ever thus? Somehow you need to balance the need to be accountable to the people with the need to have effective governments, unlike Italy with its annual change of PM & massive corruption. I think you have an idealised view of what democracy can deliver.

written 18th Apr 2005

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