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The lack of quality leadership, and ...

The lack of quality leadership, and complacent arrogance of the mainstream political system has got out of hand, with the result that a large percentage of the electorate feels disenfranchised. It is essential that we start voting 'None of the Above', and begin to reign in this monopoly on power.
It really is time we had a None of the Above option - and not just as a peripheral protest vote either.
Probably the most important development in democracy since the universal franchise - it's time to get serious about it.

written 18th Apr 2005


Jax replies: How about just voting independant? Or third party? That would make the main two parties switch their policies and possibly even bring in more parties into the fray.

written 18th Apr 2005

Alan Howlett replies: Just for clarity, I must declare that I am a Labour Party Candidate for Nottinghamshire County Council.

What I have seen of Independents locally is that it is very hard to be sure of what policies they really support, and it's hard to be sure that they are decent people.

I understand that some of the local independents are so obnoxious that staff of the Council are refusing to work with them: If this is the case, how can those councillors be effective for the voters they are supposed to represent?

written 18th Apr 2005

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