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I'm considering spoiling my ballot paper because after years of voting Labour I feel that they have moved so far to the right on economic and social policy that they no longer hold the values that The Labour party was created for. All they seem to care about is the middle Classes and big business. I would feel really awful voting for another party so I think the only way I can register my dissatisfaction is by spoiling my ballot paper.

written 23rd Apr 2005


Bernard Wright replies: Write your response.
Quote by Tony Blair Sept 4th 1996..

"We are carefullylooking at proposals to guarantee pensioners a decent income in retirement so that we can end means testing for pensioners once and for all and get rid of the evil of pensioners poverty"

You cannot believe a word a politician says
After 8 years of office 32000 pensioners die every year from starvation and 28%of pensioners live below the breadline

written 23rd Apr 2005

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