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You simply CAN'T do what they ask you to do in all those interminable party political broadcasts. The only thing that your vote does is simply to help decide who will represent your constituency in parliament. Then, if more of those representatives belong to one gang rather than the others that gang gets to form a government, So, less than a million people out of the whole population actually get to decide who will govern the country and it's possible that a government can take office after having received less votes than the opposition. How is that democracy?
Frankly it's an out of date nonsense, that may have been OK in the 19th century, but with greater freedom of movement and modern communications we need a democratic form that reflects that. We need to be able to cast a vote to directly elect who we want to run the country, rather than just who we want to represent the area in which we happen to reside at the time of the election. Then EVERYBODY's vote WILL count.

written 18th Apr 2005

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