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I want to vote for RESPECT, but I can't - they don't have a candidate in my area, which is traditional true-blue Tory, because they're too small. This is the problem with the constituency system; the benefit is supposed to be that you have an MP representing your area - but if you are ideologically opposed to your MP (as I am) then if you ask them to act on your behalf over an issue, and they do so, you bolster their standing in the eyes of the (less politically committed) local electorate - and thus further diminish the possibility that they will be unseated. In this way the system that is designed to ensure better representation results in at least some of us having no representation. Why not a simple system of party lists - count the votes and apportion seats accordingly?

written 7th Apr 2005


Tom replies: So offer to stand for Respect yourself, they'd probably be delighted.

Or vote for a different small party that has similar policies to respect, like the greens. Heck even vote for the monster raving loony party , or spoil your ballot paper. all are more effective than not voting.

You are right about PR though.

written 7th Apr 2005

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