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Vote "None of the Above"

I am voting but voting "None of the Above" - ie. I am writing None of the Above at the bottom of the paper and putting my X next to it.

Tories - trying to become more facist to attract "Mondeo Man" - will cut public services to feed the frenzy of their rich friends

Labour - the hypocracy of a government that spends 170m in relief for 5,000 rover workers but who laugh and cheer when announcing on TV that 105,000 civil servants will be sacked - Tony and Gordon will never need public services will they

Lib Dems - "What do you want? Of course we'll do everything you want, just give us your vote"

UKIP - fantasists who cant stop arguing with each other.

I wouldnt vote for any of them but why should the morons that are in politics in this country for their own self serving interests - vote early, vote often - "None of the Above"

written 18th Apr 2005


Jax replies: Lib Dems? "What do you want? Of course we'll do everything you want, just give us your vote"

That's a little unfair, sure the Tories are promising uncosted policies but the local income tax and additional tax bracket of 50% above 100,000K p.a. earnings seems to reasonably cover the Lib Dems proposals.

You could also vote Green, or independant, do you know if you have an independant running in your consitituancy?

written 18th Apr 2005

Grant replies: Maybe we shoudl start a "none of the above" party with the sole aim of changing the way the voting system is set up. The current system was set up when it took 4 days to travel to London from Cambridge and heaven knows how long to come down from Scotland. So you needed a representative in London to vote for you. Nowdays the national lottery has shown the how we can all have our numbers in a draw twice a week, why can't we all vote personally on laws using the same technology. Oh I forgot that would politicains obsolete.

written 18th Apr 2005

Simon replies: "None of the Above" is counted. The official designation is "spoiled ballots" - and there has been a 300% increase in their numbers over the last two elections!

written 18th Apr 2005

Ade replies: I've voted "None of the Above" at every election since 1990 - makes me feel better, but will only really change things if we get over 1 million people doing the same in a few weeks time.

Remember the "Jedi" on the Census?

written 18th Apr 2005

Paul replies: It is 'undemocratic' (whatever democracy is...i've never seen it!) to not allow the citizens of a nation to vote 'NOTA'. Some unions have adopted it in their voting procedures (i know USDAW and NUS have, if they're the only ones please let me know).
Spoiled ballot paper is not equivalent to NOTA since, according to election news a spoiled battot is defined as a ballot paper filled out incorrectly and is invalid ( Therefore it doesn't count. Unfortunatley, writing 'None Of The Above' on the paper is regarded as rendering it invalid.
Of course, politicians would say that we couldn't clearly have NOTA because if it were the majority vote then the whole political system of this country would collapse, the Monarch would have to declare soverign rule and parliment would have to be started again from scratch. The monarch will have the right to dissolve parliament indefinately, but the people of this fine country have brought the monarchy to it's knees once; i'm sure we could do it again! Therefore NOTA is, at present, a dream. A dream worth having tho. I'm not a revolutionary Marxist or anything (no, really! I a good little middle-class boy!) but we can't trust the electoriate system to improve things. Non-violent non-cooperation in the elction would show our disattisfaction. I'm not sure tho if avoiding the ballot box or spoiling the ballot paper is the best way. What do you think?

written 18th Apr 2005

Mj replies: If you don't like any of the candidates why don't you stand for election yourself? Anyone over 21 can do it, just a 500 deposit and if you get enough votes you get the money back even if you come last.

There will probably never be a party or candidate that represents everything you want and believe in. If you feel strongly enough that 'best fit' doesn't work for you, stand, and see if anyone else feels the same way as you do on the issues.

written 18th Apr 2005

SUB replies: MJ: Are you mad!?

As Billy Connolly once said, "The desire to become a politician should bar you for life from ever being one", and, "Don't vote, it just encourages them".

My sentiments entirely.

Having a NOTA box option on ballot papers would be the way forward. What's the hold-up?

Mmmmm... let me guess. Politicians?

written 18th Apr 2005

Mj replies: A NOTA box would probably mean a lot less people would vote for the actual candidates. The government would thus be elected by even less of the population - only those who chose a candidate.

Voting none of the above wouldn't help to get your views represented in parliament at all - quite the opposite.

written 18th Apr 2005

dan replies: I reckon a better option would be a "Re-Open Nominations" box - force them to run the election again with better options! Given that choice I'd tick it for this constituency as there's no Green candidate running.

written 19th Apr 2005

Stuart Robinson replies: Politicans don't see ballot papers, in fact I think they are barred from doing so (as not to interfere with the counting process). Thus, voting for 'None of the Above' is, at best, a futile attempt at change, and at worst, a waste of ones democtratic privilege and an encouragement to bad reigemes, as they can safely wallow in their maladministration with the knowledge that their opponents in the populace chose to vote for them by not voting against them.

written 19th Apr 2005

Paul replies: Correction. Durring the counting process the candidates and their agents do see the ballot papers. We do get to see the "Not any of the above", the "f*** o**'s" and all the other strange things written on the ballot paper.
My person favourite was someone who used their ballot paper to practice long division(badly I might add).

written 19th Apr 2005

Ian D replies: It might be worth you all having a look at this web page
as it wont show try the w thing followed by nota dot org foreward slash mass dot html
New legislation in at least one of the states is getting sensible, or haeding in the right direction anyway
Although I hate to say it, the Americans seem to be taking a bit of a lead here in the NOTA stakes, even electing Libertarians to office, not sure if thats a good thing or not coz I live over here, but at least its a step, every journey starts with just one step, might be time to take that first step soon.

written 24th Apr 2005

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